Care and Control  
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  The Do Not.


  • Do Not be proud of the dog for aggression.
  • Do Not want the dog to be tough.
  • Do Not allow the dog to be aggressive with your Childs friends.
  • Do Not ever let the dog see violence.
  • Do Not strike the dog.
  • Do Not strike the child.
  • Do Not even think of attack training in any way. That destroys the dogs ability to protect the child.  


   The Things to do.


  • The dog needs to be a lovable pet. In that way he/she can be there when needed. If it is needed a Doberman will revert to the breeding and step up to the plate. You can count on that.
  • Teach everyone in the home to love and care for each other.
  • Teach the dog in the same way as the child, by talking to them.
  • Stare the dog in the eyes.
  • Teach the dog to take treats being held by your teeth.
  • Give the dog food and later take it back.
  • Send the dog out in the yard with the child and tell the dog to look after the child.
  • It is ok for the dog to sleep in the same room as the child. On it's own bed.
  • Allow the child to feed the dog at meal time.
  • Allow the child and dog to bond. That is where you get safe personal protection.
  • Allow the dog to bark and carry on when people come onto the property.
  • Teach boundaries the dog is not allowed to cross, you cross and make them stay.
  • Aggressively push the dog off and yell for nipping, biting, or scratching.
  • Remember the dog has senses you don't have, if the dog says your friend should not be near the child I would bet the dog is correct. And you yourself might want to be careful around this person.
  • A growling snarling dog will end up protecting his chain and dog house and that is it.